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Tales of a Travel Tour Guide

This is a story from a follower, Ken Thompson. So... I’m a professional Tour Director. (Mostly retired now.) The following happened several years ago.

I was leading a tour of the

Southern states. Mostly Brits on Holiday. As we were approaching Savannah, one of the things I told my group was that Savannah was once a haven for pirates. One of my British guests asked if there were a lot of them in America. I replied there were once many who ranged up and down the coast. He asked if they were indigenous to America. I said that they mostly originated elsewhere. Then he said, “yes, we have some in England that probably escaped their cages and produced in the wild.”

Okay, it took me a second before I could recover from that. I finally replied...."David, I said PIRATES, not PARROTS."

We had a huge laugh over that.

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